It doesn't matter where you are, you can begin again.

Are you living with shame, feeling defeated, 

overwhelmed, and feeling like you are the only one?  Have you tried before and failed? Do you feel like God has forgotten all about you?  Feeling like you don’t measure up? Don’t know where to start to pick up the pieces? It’s time for change.  Grab our FREE worksheet 5 Strategies to Living a Fulfilled Life.

Tip #1

Discover that you are not alone in all that you are going through. You can overcome. You can move past the past and LIVE!

Do you ever feel like you are all alone? Are you overwhelmed with defeat, shame, low self-esteem? Being alone is not what you have to do. Doing it alone is also not what you have to do! Say! Peace out to defeat and hello to living a FULFILLED LIFE!

We will empwer you through the stories of other women that have overcome life's challenges and are now living a fulfilled life.

Tip #2 :

How to get yourself together and overcome the guilt, fear, and shame that's had you bound.

Do you ever feel like God has more in store for you? Do you every feel guilty about doing things for yourseelf. Does thinking about your past bring shame, guilt, and fear to your present?

We will help you identify what God has called you to do and develop a plan to get there. Through our journey you will give yourself permission to put the oxygen mask over your face first, recognizing how much better you are for others when you ar living life on PURPOSE!

Tip #3:

Uncover what's holding you back from moving forward. Find yourself a tribe of women that will empower you to move forward.

Sometimes we can want to move forward but fail to understand the real issue that is holding you back.

Women will share their stories of overcoming, breaking free and stepping into their next. We want you to know that you don't have to go at this alone. There's a tribe of women ready to cheer you on!

Guess What? You are in the right place at the right time!

Hi, I’m TY and I help women live the life they have been called to live.

I’ve encountered so many women that struggle with low self-esteem.  Over the years they have forgotten who they are as a woman.  

I know this story far too well because I’ve lived it.  I understand

My entire life revolved around doing things for everyone else…boss, kids, spouse, etc. I did nothing for myself. I knew I was called to do more.  I struggled with the guilt of taking time from my day to take care of me. I realized much of my busy life came from me being unwilling  to confront the inner me because of what I might discover.  I finally did it!  

Now, I am living a fulfilled life and empowering you to do the same.

And guess what…you can have that too!

Why This is for You

You are in the right place if you know there is more in store for you but getting started hasn’t been easy. In fact, you might be thinking you should “stay put” because dreaming and believing may bring more disappointment. Maybe you are thinking you are the only one that has ever felt that way. 

You are in the right place.  You are not alone.  You can do this! You can overcome!

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