My story:
Ty Ziglar

As a wife, military spouse, and mom of four I know what it feels like to lose yourself and the hope in discovering your purpose. I also know what it feels like to feel alone, like you are the only one with issues.  

A few years ago I was at an all time low.   I had little to no self-esteem. I was depressed.  I  lost hope and trust in God. I felt unworthy of his love.  I had encountered so many disappointments that I stop believing that God would bless me.

I stopped going to church.

I stopped praying.  

I told myself that God would never bless me or fix my situation.

I believed the lies of the enemy.

God had other plans.  He would not let me stay in that place. He sent the help I needed to “Get Myself Together”. The more I surrendered, prayed, and aligned myself with his will, the more free I became.

 God restored my mind. My purpose discovered me.  God helped me Get Myself Together to empower YOU!

I finally ……..

Stepped out of my box.
Broke up with being perfect.

Let go of religion and entered into relationship with God!

Stopped pretending to be fine when I really wasn’t.

I asked for help when I needed it.

Stopped existing and chose to LIVE!

Stopped looking for approval in other people.
Recognized my OWN WORTH and VALUE!

I decided it was time to get out of my own way!

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Create the life I desired to live !

I recognized my tribe of women that I could look to for mentorship and support. 

I decided to commit to the process

I refused to quit

I realized the timing would never be perfect, things were not just going to happen.

It was time to MOVE FORWARD and NOT LOOK BACK!

Since committing to the journey I have paid off thousands in debt, hosted my first conference, written my first book and launched not one but two Master Classes !

I now help women BUILD the life they are called to

I help small business owners BUILD their people, which improves their bottom line!

My motto is: — No matter what keep moving forward and never quit.

I would LOVE to work with you! 

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