The Truth Is …….

The truth is change is never easy.  Leaving comfortable isn’t always an easy decision.  Even when you know it is God’s will.  I know all too well of the fears of leaving comfortable.  I can even understand the hesitations of leaving comfortable even when comfortable isn’t working. The fear of the unknown is somewhat terrifying.

The truth is sometimes stepping out can bring doubt especially when obstacles or situations arise.  I have witnessed these many times …. You finally make the decision to step out and the minute you do it seems like all hell breaks out in your life. You doubt, you question your decision, and fear you didn’t hear God.  It can make you want to quit or go back to being “normal”.  You know, the place you can identify with.  The place that you can predict the outcome and where life was easier.

In my own walk I have come to realize that it is outside of comfortable where we encounter what it   means to trust God and walk in faith.  It is an opportunity for God to show himself faithful.  It is an opportunity for us to surrender more of ourselves to him.  It means we must walk by faith and not by site.

My friend, God has not called us to just be comfortable. He has called us to trust his will and plan for our lives.  This sometimes calls us to be uncomfortable. It may even be hard at times, but if we faint not he will be faithful to that which he has promised.

I can remember God telling me at the beginning of 2018 that it was time for me to leave my job.  It was time to begin walking in purpose.  It wasn’t easy.  Many days I wanted to run back to remain in the comfort of getting a paycheck. Deep down inside I knew I had heard God and it was time to go.  He made it very clear.

The truth is the job was a job.  I wasn’t passionate about it.  I knew it was time for someone more passionate to step into my role.  With much hesitation and with the consent of my husband I submitted my resignation in faith. God had sent many confirmations, but I also had many questions of what would I do, how could I replace my income, and how would I be able to begin again?  How could our family ever survive without the finances we had become accustomed to?

My thoughts then became God perhaps I did not hear you correctly.  This is crazy!  Perhaps my walking away would be the biggest mistake of my life.  Perhaps it could be the most rewarding one.

I cried many days because I feared failing, disappointing myself, my family, and maybe even coming to a reality that I did not hear from God. Deep down inside I know I did.   So, I finally obeyed.

Two months later September 27,2018 I said my goodbyes and walked away.  Stepping out one last time I told the Lord.  It is me and you God. I am out here on the water. There is no turning back now.  I am taking you at your word.

It is easy to talk a good game and encourage others to step out and to walk in faith.  It is so different when you are being called to take bold steps for God.  It is easy to speak the word, it is another story to walk in out in your own life especially when what God is calling you to do doesn’t make sense in the natural.

My question to you friend is what is God calling you to do?  What is he stirring in your spirit that he wants you to take hold of and own?  In what ways is he challenging you?

Are you ready to submit to his will today?


This is my story.  My reality.  Stay tuned because this is only the beginning!




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