My Why


It’s hard to believe that just a little over a year ago I had no dreams, no plan, and no purpose.

It seemed like only yesterday my family was on the brink of divorce, facing foreclosure, and the debt was piling up.

Needless to say I felt stuck. I felt like quitting.

I began to think, my life would never change and I would never live the life I had dreamed about.

Many people had solutions to help fix my life.  The problem was many had solutions based on degrees or simply quoting scripture.  I needed more. I needed people that had lived through and overcome the tough stuff.  I wanted to be surrounded by those that had experienced the miracles in the midnight hour and survived things that most walked away from.  God sent me just that.

I discovered giving advice based on life experiences can be quite different than those that had walked the walk.  I also witnessed the miracles, signs, and wonders. I survived life’s challenges that many overcome and walk away from. I did not do it on my own. God sent me women that helped pray and walk me through the difficult season.

Fast forward, I have now I discovered my purpose, learned how to break free from many of the things that I allowed to stand in my way like fear, low-self- esteem, and insecurity.  I now have dreams, goals, vision, and purpose.  My husband and I reconciled, paid off over $20,000 in debt in a year. This journey led to forgiveness, healing, restoration, and transformation.

My goal with my business is to encourage other women to dream, to overcome through If I CAN, YOU CAN TOO!  This is the why behind my business.  I believe there are many women that desire to hear everyday, ordinary people share their journey of turning their messes into a messages.

It is my prayer that you will not only follow my journey but be encouraged to begin your own.  Isn’t it time? Aren’t you ready?  Let’s POP together.


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