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 I love my parents ya’ll ! I hated to see them struggle to take care of my sister and I.  As a little girl I always dreamed of one day being able to take care of them.

They were such hard workers and still are.   It bothered me to see them work so hard and have little to no time to enjoy life.  I have so much respect for them and their dedication and commitment to our family.  

I often wondered how other families were taking vacations, moms were home raising kids, and they seemed to be enjoying life all while my parents worked hard just to keep their head above water.

In the midst of them working hard,  I also witnessed life happen.  Many of the manufacturing companies began to take their jobs overseas.   This had a horrific impact on my parents because manufacturing was the heartbeat of our small town.  Jobs became scarce, the distance to and from work became longer and work became harder that is if they were able to find work at all.

How could some survive and thrive while others barely survived?  Life had to be better.  There had to be more than this to life.  As I became an adult, I found myself barely surviving. It was hard to enjoy.   Oftentimes I found myself stressed out often about paying the bills,  I bad credit, and I seemed to always to struggling to make it from day to day.  After college life was still tough because of all of the student loans I had racked up. I found myself in the same cycle and honestly life wasn’t much fun.  We couldn’t take vacations and we always had to pinch pennies.

We had no savings, so one unexpected life interruption like an unexpected bill, emergency repair, or layoff and that was a huge setback that could take months to recover.  For us, money wasn’t something we discussed much but it was something that was argued about and worried about often.

Like most parents, my desire was to provide a better life for my family.  It was also to show and teach my kids a new way of living. One that did not include money struggles. At times I felt defeated and I often realized that  if something did not change my kids would also see their parents constantly living in the rat race of life.

I was helpless, hopeless, and defeated. So, I talked to God about it.  He heard my cry!

God I cant do this! I don’t want to be in this position forever.  I want more! I desire to leave an inheritance for my children’s children but at the rate I am going I will be leaving them with debt and an unpaid funeral! 

God,  I don’t believe this is it! I need you to show me how to overcome, change, and learn principles that we can overcome in our finances. My desire it to change the direction of my family for the generations to come.

It was this cry, to my father than changed everything.  He heard my cry.  I realized that he desired me to become a better steward over what he had already given me.  He desired me to change my mindset about money and my behaviors so I could begin to walk in overflow.

He began to show me how to change and through this transformation we paid off $20,000 in debt in over 18 months. YES WE DID!  Now it is my goal to help others.

Ask yourself are you ready for change?  Are you ready to put in the necessary work to live the life you have been called to live and not the one you have settled for?  I am ready for you to join me on this journey.

If you have tried it on your own and if it hasn’t worked then it is time to try something different. There is no judgment here. Only help. 

Make a decision to take the first step. Sign up for your Financial Evaluation today.  Let’s discuss where you are and where you want to go. Are you ready?



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