5 Things to Remember When your Faith Under Fire

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Small Business owners are struggling. Churches have closed. Our government is struggling to keep our economy afloat. Families are faced with layoffs, reduced hours, and unsettling times.  While some are in a state of shock, others are wrestling to find answers for the tough decisions that lie ahead.   It is easy to become discouraged […]

Marriage isn’t what its cracked up to be …….

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Don’t be fooled, marriage takes work, and the trials WILL come. I remember those words through sickness and in health until death do us part. At the time they sounded so wonderful to speak. We loved one another. In our minds I think we believed that our marriage would be easy and wonderful. We agreed […]

If you want more of God, start by giving him more of you.

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We can’t expect God to keep giving to us, without us giving more to him. I want more of you God.  I have prayed this many times. One morning, as I was praying God, spoke to me. He said, “If you want more of me, then give me more of you”.  God, I am not […]