A “Me Too” Girl!

I found myself nodding and silently saying ME TOO to the articles and videos I watched of women telling their stories, sharing their journeys, obstacles, fears, and past.  OMG! She is telling my story.  Oh man, I can relate to everything she is saying!  I sat silently and said that with each story and video I watched.

Me Too!  I have felt unworthy, like God could never use me.  Oh gosh, my childhood wasn’t perfect either!  Yes, I struggled with forgiving myself for aborting a child.  “You mean to tell me you were raped too?  Me too! Oh my, you felt the shame, the guilt, the fear of others finding out?  ME TOO! WOW! You mean to tell me after all of that God is using you!”

Their stories gave me hope, inspiration, and encouragement to know ….maybe God could use me too.

Those women, were brave to share their messes.  They shared the darkness of their lives, the stories women rarely share with their closest friends.  Their courage brought me hope, encouragement and inspiration to believe that even in the darkest of days, God still had great plans for me.

Their stories helped rescue me from the streets of “No Purpose”, “No Hope”, and “No Future”, to the Drive of Direction, Purpose, and Destiny.

Their courage made me want to become a “Me Too” girl.  I am a woman that does not speak from a place of perfection, but from her imperfections.  I am a woman who speaks from her broken places- that someone might find healing.  I am a woman who decided to speak about all of the messes- that so often are just tucked away deep in our souls.  I am a woman that speaks to the lost, that they too may become found.  I am a woman who ministers from the compassion of her own baggage-that others will know that God still has a place for them.  I am a woman who speaks from the places that she initially shielded the world from seeing.

That was until she realized being a “ME TOO” girl was exactly where God had called her to be. I desired to turn my messes into messages, so that other women may be set free as well.

Far too often we fear sharing our stories because of hurt, guilt, shame or judgment, yet someone is looking for a glimmer of hope and belief. So often, we live our lives by going through the motions, never pursuing our purpose because we are trapped with low self-esteem, self-worth, shame, and guilt all stemming from the issues we have internalized for fear of others finding out our imperfections.

On the inside we say things like …..What will they say if they found out I had an abortion?  How will they perceive me if they knew my marriage is failing?  What will they think of me if I told them just how much debt we were in, or that my son is gay?  I can’t and I won’t. I refuse to let them know I was raped or molested.  Perhaps my silence will eventually erase the feelings.

After all, everyone around me appears to have it all together so I need to do the same. I want to be accepted, and to fit in.  I will never go to an alter call.  I will never tell people my business.  By no means will I go to counseling.  I’ll take it all with me to my grave.

I couldn’t. I refused to go another day without sharing my journey, my story.  I want women to know that in order to live the life God has called you to live, you too, must break free of the shame, guilt, fear, and identity issues that currently surround you and be made whole, complete, and free in Him. Give yourself permission to get the help you need to be made whole.  The woman next to you may never say a word, but she, my friend, has her own set of luggage.

It is my goal to join the conversations with other women and say, just because you have been raped, molested, promiscuous, filled with shame, hurt, unforgiveness, rejection, and fear-you too have a place in the Kingdom.

God is still waiting and ready to use you.  How do I know this?  It’ s easy.  He is using me and many other ME TOO’s!

You don’t have to come from a lineage of worshipers, prophets, preachers, teachers, or leaders to begin your journey of being made whole and used by God.  You just need to get free from the things that have you bound.

It is time to be healed and have the peace to know you are not the only one.  There are many “Me TOO’s”. You, my friend, are reading the writings of one. My journey, my messes birthed my Ebook … The Valley Experience.

Many women have been healed from their brokenness and so can you.  Won’t you join me today? Let’s be FREE!



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