5 Things to Remember When your Faith Under Fire

Small Business owners are struggling.

Churches have closed.

Our government is struggling to keep our economy afloat.

Families are faced with layoffs, reduced hours, and unsettling times.

 While some are in a state of shock, others are wrestling to find answers for the tough decisions that lie ahead.  

It is easy to become discouraged by what we see. In moments when our faith is under fire we must cling to our trust and belief in a higher power.

None of this caught God by surprise. He already knows the ending.

We cannot allow uncertainty to consume us.   We must remind ourselves that we can’t focus on the things we can see.  We must remain rooted in our faith.

I am reminded of time in my life when I could barely walk, the doctors had no answer as to why my body was covered in hives.  I had just left my job, our roof needed repairs, and the air conditioner went out all within three weeks.  In the beginning I felt hopeless and helpless, but God reminded me of the other obstacles that I had endured and overcome in my life.  The assurance that I began to feel from that reminder allowed me to rest in my faith that once again he would see me through the difficulties that I was facing.  He did just that.

Our faith will allow us to see opportunity where others see obstacles.  Our faith will allow us to send encouraging words and help others where needed.  Our faith will cause us to kneel and pray for strength, direction, and peace.  Our faith will remind us of the many obstacles that you have already overcome. Our faith will sustain us and keep us during this season.  Our faith will remind us that God that loves us, cares for us, and wants what best for us.

When the enemy works to feel you with fear, doubt, and unbelief I want you to be reminded that:

  1. God did not bring you here to leave you
  2. Remind yourself of all that you have already overcome
  3. Feed your faith and starve you fears through positive thinking and praying God’s word over your life.

You must remember that in the end we win.  There is nothing too hard or impossible for those that believe.  You will overcome.  God’s got you. Keep the faith!


In moments of difficulty we must remind ourselves that it is the hard times, and the moments of uncertainty that our faith in God is strengthened.  It is in those seasons of walking in faith t

When you feel like your faith is under fire here are some things to remember.

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Never make decisions based on your emotions remember trouble doesn’t last always.
  3. Take time to discuss your solutions with others that may have walked through similar difficulties in their life.
  4. Always talk through your decisions with a few trusted people before making your final decision.
  5. Spend daily quiet time with God and take your concerns and your problems to him. Ask him to guide you in your decision making.

We can oftentimes make decisions based on our emotions only to regret the decision later.  Sometimes we feel that the decision must be made immediately but it can wait.  We can find ourselves making decisions and then inviting God into the decision. 

What if we invited God into the problem and then ask him to help us make the decision?

 I don’t know what you are walking through right now but I do know who has the answer.


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