Get out of the way!

Standing there. In our own way.

Desperately searching for an easier path. Quickly denying yourself the opportunity to move forward. The fear of failing again has gripped you. The worry of what others may think keeps you from sharing and taking the first step.

You tell yourself that the timing isn’t right. You quickly tell yourself you don’t have the time. You list of all of our other commitments that you believe take priority over your purpose. Yet every night you lay your head on the pillow and think about, and envision yourself. You recognize you are standing in your own way.

You follow those visions up with what if I fail, what if I get it wrong? You spend countless hours discounting your own abilities and why we are not capable.

No matter how much you try to shake it you are constantly pulled back to the same vision, the same call. Until one day you recognize that what you are called to do will never escape you. The burning desire to pursue it will never leave you because it is truly what you are put on earth to do.

You suddenly realize that you don’t have to ask permission, you don’t even have to have it all figured out. All you have to do is get started, remain focused, and consistent. Sooner to later that thing that was once a dream will suddenly release itself from the pit of our very being and make its way to becoming a reality.

My friend, are you standing in your own way?

What have you been called to do?

I want to hear from you! Unsure if you are standing in your own way? I will share more of how to recognize it tomorrow but until then ……


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