The Guys Who Do Stuff Podcast

I was on the Guy Who Do Stuff Podcast! Empowering women to live the life they are called to live and not the one they have settled for. She is so encouraging, brave, and inspirational. We are honored to have her on Guys Who Do Stuff.

I am a motivational speaker and the upcoming author of Unpack your Luggage and Live, in this podcast, I share my powerful story of overcoming insecurity, shame, and a failing marriage. Through forgiveness and grace, I have learned to heal from the emotional scars of my past and embrace a life of meaning and purpose. My joyful spirit and willingness to be vulnerable continues to help women who have experienced pain to move past their past and find freedom and joy in their present and future. My motto is “Keep it POPPIN!” which means no matter what life brings keep moving forward!

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