I couldn’t be me without this hunk of meat by my side.  He wipes my tears every time I want to quit. He calls me from work to make sure I’m okay.  He sends me a text telling me to hang in there and keep going when things get tough. He has my back when I need to get things done and he has my front when I am totally incapable of doing.

He’s rode the storm when things got tough.  He’s dealt with my attitudes, hot tempers, eye rolling, and disrespect before I realized what being a wife truly looked like.  We have won together, lost together, laughed together, and cried together. Big Daddy he always pushes me to BECOME MY BEST SELF.

Many see him as a man that’s humble and of very few words.  I see him as a man that is committed to his family and that’s a true friend to those that know him well.  He is a man of his word. A man that doesn’t show up on time but always before time. A man that is neat, organized, and always prepared.  He is a man that doesn’t just do a job but he does the job right and in excellence.

A man that listens before he speaks and that always gives his best.

In many ways he teaches me without words but through his example. He is an example of a supportive spouse. He teaches me how to be true to yourself, and the best individual that you can be. He teaches me what it means to do things in excellence, show up prepared, ready, and to always be a person of your word.

Without Big Daddy there would be no Ty Ziglar, Ty Talks, Fit Fabulous, Fly or Women Who Pop.  He is the push behind my dreams. He pushes me to BECOME MY BEST SELF! He makes me POP! For that I am grateful!

You might not call your man “Big Daddy” like I do but you have an amazing husband that supports you…. thank him for helping you BECOME YOUR BEST SELF.

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