The What If’s

Sometimes it is not the who but it is the what? So often we talk about the people in our circle but today I want to challenge you to think about what’s in your circle?  What have you allowed in your circle that keeps you from moving forward? I call this the STINKIN THINKIN!

You know the talk that tells you that things will never change, that you are too old, or maybe even that you can’t do it?  Let’s not forget the talk that reminds you of the last time that you tried and failed, that tells you that you are not worthy, and then fills your head with all the reasons of why it can’t work, won’t work, or hasn’t worked.  Yep, that is what I call STINKING THINIKIN!

What if things could change?  What if it wasn’t the idea but the fact that you took shortcuts that made it fail? What if your life really could change if you tried a different way, enlisted wisdom from others, or asked for help from others that you see succeeding?  What if you chose to think about everything that would change if things worked rather than everything that could happen if things go wrong?

What if you started believing in your gifts, talents,and abilities rather than pointing out all of your weaknesses and imperfections?  What if you changed your thoughts? Could you change your life? What if you saw yourself as worthy than not enough? What if? What if you envisioned your dream becoming reality, saw yourself doing what you believe you are called to do?  What if you took a chance and believed you could? How long would it take you to believe and to BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOU?

Ask yourself what’s in your circle?  Make the choice to remove doubt, fear, low self-esteem, negativity …… the STINKIN THINKIN.  Fill your circle with BELIEF IN YOUR ABILITIES, CONFIDENCE, PEACE, INTEGRITY, CHARACTER, FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE!

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